Grand Prairie Wines Ltd to bring Domaine Jacques Maetz wines to the US market

07.16.2018, Des Moines, IA - Grand Prairie Wines Ltd. Co  has announced reaching a deal with the Domaine Jacques Maertz, a family of winegrowers located in France, concerning the exportation to the US of their white wines Muscat Fleckstein and Sylvaner. The deal also includes Jacques Maertz's Cremant d'Alsace.

The Maertz Family  has been cultivating the vine in the Alsace region of France, on Rosheim coteaux since 1885. Jacques Maertz expanded the domaine and the production in 1953, and his son Hubert Maertz (Master Chef of France and Michelin Star Chef) has been following this direction ever since by modernizing and expanding the domaine a bit more.

Until now, Jacques Maertz's wines had never been sold on the US market. Jacques Maertz's two white wines and Cremant d'Alsace will initially be available in Iowa, Illinois and California.