We solely work with small independant producers, most often multi-generations family businesses that
produce amazing wines and spirit still using traditional methods.



Marqués de la Concordia wines belong to a global lifestyle project called The Haciendas Company where the most exclusive gourmet products are made from the traditional Spanish estates which have the best accommodations and gastronomical experiences.

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For several generations, the Maetz family has contributed to the life of the city of Rosheim in Alsace.
Since 1885, the Maetz family has been cultivating the vine on Rosheim coteaux.
In 1953, Jacques Maetz expand the domaine and the production. Since 1993, his son Hubert Maetz, a
Michelin Star Chef, expand a bit more the domaine and modernize the production, still keeping the
quality of the products that made the reputation of the Maetz family.

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Vinet-Delpech is family-owned distillery founded in 1777. They own 12 pot stills and a hundred
hectares of vineyard in the heart of the Cognac region, in Petite Champagne and Fins Bois areas. The
company is well-known for the quality of its products.



Since 1859, champagne making is a family business for the Lecomte. Based south-west of Epernay, the Lecomte own
8 hectares of vineyard in the Marne and Ardennes.
Dosythée and Ghislaine Lecomte are the 5th generation of Lecomte making champagne, and under their leadership,
the company has expanded internationally.

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Originated from 1728, the Chateau is still alive with years of history, Chateau de Claudette focus on making more mellow Single Vintage Cognac of Grande Champagne for cognac collectors. By inheriting its secret recipe and brewing process in succession, it produces mellow and silky, charming and fragrant, smooth and balanced Montaubert Cognac of lasting fragrance with a variety of extraordinary superior "life of water" mixed, being rated as the model of top cognac. The Montaubert Chateau still follows the quality standards set by generations and only chooses "water of life" from the grapes of the La Grande Petite Champagne, which would be repeatedly formulated and experimented for hundreds of times, to produce vintage wine of great quality, rich fruity fragrance, elegant and
mellow wine and long-term aging capacity.